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Just for Joy

I was working in my room one foggy Saturday afternoon. The children were playing in the living room. I heard them playing with the keyboard, listening to the pre-recorded songs in it’s memory bank. Beethoven’s Fur Elise came on more than once. I love that piece. It played over and over, I didn’t mind at [...] Continue reading

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“Yes” to the Small Stuff

The youngest of my three boys is five years old. He wants to do everything his brothers do. He wants to have everything his brothers have but he is a few years too young and a few inches too short. I find myself saying “no” to him more than I remember saying to my first [...] Continue reading

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Heart Melt Moments

Clayton scootered down the street of a friend’s house. The road was hilly, and as we soon discovered, it was also gravely. He fell, quite fantastically, and scrapped one knee, one elbow, one thigh, and the whole right side of his abdomin and chest. There are going to be some memorable souvenir scars from this [...] Continue reading

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When mom is done.

6 p.m. Thursday evening. Dinner is a vague and unpleasant thought. Cameron complains of back pain. Jing Wen just threw his pencil down in retaliation of homework. My two younger ones just devoured a bag of Barbara’s All Natural Cheese Puffs … so, I didn’t feel too guilty … but I still knew they were hungry. My [...] Continue reading

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Unexpected First Day of School

A week or two ago. my eleven year old drew this on the calendar … Sept 6th, the first day of school. It will be an adjustment, I thought. 6:40am this morning, I hear shuffling and voices in the kitchen. I stayed in bed as long as I could… when I got up at about [...] Continue reading

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